Fall 2018 Executive Board

If you are a general member interested in becoming a leader within our organization, keep an eye out for our EBoard and/or general meeting announcements in the Pride Corp newsletter and get involved! Elections are held in the spring semester, but positions might become available throughout the year.



2017-2018 // Kaylie Song (P) and Ashley Kim (VP)

2016-2017 //  Eugene Cheney and Tandy Yuan (Co-Presidents)

2015-2016 // David Kim (P) and Eugene Cheney (VP Fall) Benjamin Zhang (VP Spring)

2014-2015 // Teri Tan (P) and David Kim (VP)

2013-2014 // Kevin Baker (P), Teri Tan (VP Fall) and Li Hsueh Lu (VP Spring)

2012-2013 // Ting Ting Wan (P), Austin Hwang (VP Fall) and Kevin Baker (VP Spring)

2011-2012 // Sean Morgan (P) and Andie Goh (VP)

2010-2011 // Sean Morgan and Erica Mannix (Co-Presidents)

2009-2010 // Dana Fennessey and Mark Kania (Founders and Co-Presidents)